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1. Copyrights

The content of this Website is the intellectual property of the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (hereafter “TCVB”), local authorities in Japan holding jurisdiction over World Heritage Sites, TCVB-related companies, or related persons. Regardless of whether undertaken for profit or non-profit purposes, duplicating, reproducing, distributing or selling the content of this Website for secondary use without permission is completely prohibited.

2. Links

In principle, no restrictions are imposed on other websites’ linking to the top page of this website. If you wish to incorporate a link to this website on your website, we request that you notify us of the content and URL of the website.
To inquire regarding a link, email: tourist[at]
* Please convert from [at] to @ when contacting us.
Note that we may refuse your request if any of the following applies (or may potentially apply) to the site:

  1. Sites containing material that is or could be slanderous or injurious to the reputation of TCVB or its affiliated organizations.
  2. Websites that infringe (or may potentially infringe) on copyrights and intellectual property rights including trademarks, property, privacy, or personality rights of TCVB, or its affiliated organizations.
  3. Sites containing material that is or could be damaging to the financial assets, reputation, personal rights or privacy of staff at TCVB or its affiliated organizations.
  4. In addition to those listed above, any site that violates laws or public policies (laws, ordinances, and regulations), or risks obstructing operation of this site.
  5. Sites that use TCVB-affiliated logos and marks without permission.
  6. Sites providing false or misleading information.

About Legal Matters

1. Disclaimers

TCVB takes every care to ensure the quality of the information presented on this website, but TCVB shall not guarantee that the information is 100% valid and 100% accurate.
The contents of this website (including the regulations on use) and its URL are subject to change or deletion without prior notice.
TCVB assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages or inconvenience caused to users resulting from the use of the information provided on this website.

2. Prohibited Acts

The following acts are prohibited when using this website.

  1. Acts that hinder or disrupt the operation of this site.
  2. Acts that intrude upon, create disadvantages, or damage the privacy of other users, third parties, our organization, or acts that pose a risk of doing so.
  3. Acts contrary to public order or acts that pose a risk of doing so.
  4. Acts that violate laws, statutes, or ordinances.
  5. Any other acts TCVB deems inappropriate.

3. Legal Compliance and Competent Court

Unless stated otherwise, Japanese law serves as the basis for interpretation and application for these terms of use and when accessing the site.

Multilingual Support Policy

1. Multilingual Support

English webpages have been prepared for this Website in order to inform foreign readers about the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Japan. Select the pulldown menu at top or bottom right of the screen to display each language version of the Website.

Technical matters

1. Recommended environment

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2. Cookie

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3. JavaScript

Some content on this site utilizes JavaScript to create a more pleasant user experience.
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4. PDF

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Information Systems Security Policy

1. Information Systems Security

This site protects information assets from threats in order to maintain business under credibility among our users and to fulfill our social mission as a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation.

  1. In order to maintain the safety and accuracy of information assets, we work to prevent unauthorized access, destruction, tampering, loss, and leakage and implement appropriate safety measures.
  2. TCVB strictly complies with the General Cybersecurity Policy and other laws and regulations in handling information assets.
  3. We exercise proper supervision when entrusting the handling of information assets to an external party.
  4. We have created mechanisms for continual improvement and aim to maintain and improve information security.

About cookie policy

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Where can you find more information about cookies?

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Google analytics
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Reference: Security and privacy in Universal Analytics, Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

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Contact Us

If you have any questions about the cookies used on this website and this cookie policy, please contact us at:
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This cookie policy may be updated.

Privacy Policy

TCVB states and enforces the following articles on the handling of information that can be used to identify an individual, such as names, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers (referred to as “private information” hereafter).

Use of private information

TCVB assures the secure collection, use, and management of private information and uses such private information solely to respond to the demands and inquiries made by users.

Protection of private information

TCVB shall never provide nor disclose information that is collected by TCVB from users and which could lead to the identification of an individual to a third party without the prior permission of that person, except in those cases subject to a private information protection.

Collection of user information

TCVB collects private information through this website, explicitly presenting the purpose of the collection and expressing that the collection is made only within the necessary range for the purpose, and accepts the provision (registration) of private information only when the user allows it.

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