Shiretoko was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005 in recognition of the dynamic food chain that begins with Okhotsk Sea drift ice and its plankton, the fish that thrive on it, birds, mammals, forests and soil.

Shiretoko, a peninsula made up of a 1500m-high volcanically active mountain range of precipitous cliffs, rivers and forests, is a place where wildlife such as brown bears, Yezo shika deer, white-tailed sea eagles, whales, dolphins, seals can be seen.

This wildlife is of course part of the great ecosystem of Shiretoko connected to the sea and mountains. Therefore, great care must be taken when encountering wild animals here. Bringing your pets or getting too close will cause them stress. Any feeding is absolutely prohibited. Enjoy travel in tune with nature by ensuring your impact on their living environment is minimal as you take in the ecosystem at close quarters.

Apart from wildlife, there are all sorts of unique experiences possible in the wilderness of Shiretoko, where the diverse landscape of oddly-shaped rocks, sea cliffs and active volcanoes is largely untouched by human hand. These include trekking and sea ice diving.