Chichijima, lying approximately 1,000 km to the south from Tokyo, and the more than 30 islands of various sizes centered on Hahajima a further 50km to the south make up the Ogasawara Islands. As ocean islands that have never been connected to a continent, the Ogasawara Islands have formed their own distinctive ecosystem. That rare ecosystem was evaluated and the islands inscribed as a natural World Heritage area in 2011.

The trip to Chichijima from Tokyo by boat takes approximately 24 hours. You cannot access some of the Ogasawara Islands and others you cannot land on without a guide. When visiting the island do not take any non-native species. Also, you must completely remove any plant seeds or dirt from your clothes and shoes, etc., using a door mat or adhesive roller. Precisely because it’s not easy to get close to, when you witness the unique beauty, the grandeur of nature, the more intense the feeling you will experience.

In this way, on these islands on which the distinctive natural environment has been protected, you can see many endemic species, flora and fauna. In the blue sea around the islands known as the “Bonin Blue,” throughout the year, you can enjoy snorkeling while watching dolphins swim and looking at coral. Between January and April, humpback whales visit and you can also enjoy whale watching.