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- World Natural Heritage in Japan -


A trip to one of East Asia's largest native beech forests, home to a rich forest ecosystem


Travel to the world's lowest latitude sea ice, which nature's ecosystems and a treasure trove of diverse organisms


A journey to an island enveloped in rain, bringing out the beauty of a huge cedar forest that condenses Japanese vegetation

Ogasawara Islands

A trip to ocean islands that are making progress in nurturing their own distinctive ecosystem.

World Natural
in Japan

Incredible views beyond imagining, an environment with a miraculous balance, plants and animals robustly living in that environment. The nature in each "World Natural Heritage" site is unique to and nurtured in that site and cannot be replaced or changed.

There are various World Natural Heritage sites across the globe, such as Yellowstone National Park, and the Great Barrier Reef, but in Japan, an island country surrounded by the sea, a country where approx. 70% of the land is occupied by forests, there are also four World Natural Heritage sites: Shiretoko, Shirakami Sanchi, the Ogasawara Islands, and Yakushima.

These Natural Heritage sites are humanity's irreplaceable property and should be protected for the next generation, so rules and manners are in place, but these rules and manners are not to keep people away from Natural Heritage sites. Because these are irreplaceable sites, it is important for people to visit, touch, feel, and communicate something to the next generation.

A trip to Japan's World Natural Heritage sites is to experience nature beyond imagining, to trigger an update of your awareness of nature and your behavior. Choosing a trip to a Natural Heritage site leads to protecting the destination and the planet's future. Why not take the first step towards adventure at a World Natural Heritage site?

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One of East Asia’slargestvirgin beech forests


An ecosystem thriving on drift ice and a paradise for diverse wildlife


A rain-shrouded island that dazzles with the beauty of the giant cedars

Ogasawara Islands

Ocean islands nurturing their own distinctive ecosystem

Special Contents

  • Shiretoko

    Enjoy the mysterious scenery of Lake Rausu while getting in contact with the flora and fauna of the Shiretoko Peninsula

  • Shirakami-Sanchi

    Experience the “Beautiful Waters” of Shirakami-Sanchi. Highlights from the Sawa Walking Tour

  • Ogasawara Islands

    Hahajima Island / Mt. Chibusayama Trekking Tour featuring the many remaining endemic species of the Ogasawara Island

  • Yakushima

    Climbing the steep cliffs and Mt. Mocchomu-dake, looking down on the nature of Yakushima Island and the ocean

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