World Natural Heritage in Japan


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Gain a greater appreciation of sites on your travels with an expert by your side (a guide, a community resident, a navigator).

You’ll find a special joy in connecting to nature discovered by a guide well-versed in World Natural Heritage sites and locals who carry on traditions. This video gives you a glimpse into that joy. Join traditional cultural experiences and guided tours offered by people knowledgeable about the region to not only enjoy viewing the vast nature of the area, but to also gain a sense of the benefits and stories that nature has brought to the region. The nature of Japan that has been nurtured together with the people awaits you.

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Nature watching

Nature watching
The Shiretoko area in Hokkaido is full of wonders, including a natural environment that changes as elevation increases, terrain created by volcanic activity, and the alpine plants and wild animals that live there. When you tour the primitive nature that remains in Shiretoko with a guide, you also learn about must-see sites and characteristics you’d miss simply by viewing it on your own. Experience the truly great nature and stories that developed there through the variety of programs available.


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